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  Why You Need an Expert Realtor
  When Buying or Selling a Home in Atlanta  February 3, 2014

Let's face it, you wouldn't go to court without a lawyer representing your best interests. So why would you enter into a fiduciary agreement with another party without someone looking out for one of your most valuable assets?

It's Not Just About the Transaction
Realtors live, eat, and breathe the transaction process, and networking 24 hours a day. Most realtors are genuinely driven and passionate about connecting their clients to neighborhoods they love.

Leave the Details to the Realtors
They spend hours in on-the-job training, learn expert negotiation skills, and study the market like no one else. Realtors, deal with legal binding contracts every day, so they have to be detail oriented, and focused on getting perfect contracts to the closing table. Realtors are bound by state laws that hold them accountable in many ways.

Your Home is My Priority!

Whether you are buying, selling or just
looking, Julie Budden provides each client with the latest resources, and gives sound guidance for  her clients to make the most informed decisions for their real estate endeavors. Her personal attention to every detail grants her clients peace of mind and awarded her a
thriving referral based business worth referring.

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